Project description

Complete overhaul of a Soviet-era hospital interior set in a reinforced concrete frame, resulting in a brand-new-looking healthcare facility.

The interior spaces were tailored to the needs of modern living and up-to-date technological equipment that meets the highest global standards. The project was awarded both Lithuanian Ministry of Environment and KNAUF Exhibit diplomas.

  • Tasks set by the customer: Create an appealing hospital interior that would not intimidate patients, and help remove the stereotype of a repulsive and archaic Soviet facility. The environment must be calming, innovative, and make the visitors feel good.
  • Challenges: Make use of the depth of the rooms without the tiresome system of corridors in-between. Design and plan the spaces in a way that would not hinder the work of the hospital or the cafeteria downstairs.
  • Benefits: One of the first-ever uses of curved glass partitions in Lithuania, creating capsule-like administrative offices. The work environment in the offices is more homely rather than being a cold, hospital-like setting.
Santaros klinikos tyrimų laboratorijos, kraujo centro ir administracijos patalpų interjerai


Vilniaus universitetinės ligoninės santaros klinikos


Project area

6000 m²


The end of works





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