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Complex architectural solutions

“Of all the art forms, architecture has the largest visual power to convey the entire status of human civilisation – economic, technological, taste, thoughts, imagination, and political sensitivity.” – L. Donskis

Our architects offer landscaping, building architecture, and interior design services. We focus on aesthetics, quality, and affordability. Creativity and years of experience will ensure that our architects help you find the best solution.

  • Public, commercial, residential buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Public spaces, parks, sports structures
  • Private and public interior projects
  • Interior design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Consultations

From conceptual visions and preliminary designs to technical projects, work projects, and author’s supervision.

Most modern software has trouble processing large models and spaces. The technology used by our team allows us to render high quality large-scale landscapes, resulting in impressive, high-definition videos and visuals.

The ArchiCAD system is probably the most effective at communicating with other BIM software. Other software solutions for team work are increasingly important, such as Lumion, BIM Server, or BIM CLOUD.

All of these solutions make team work easier and help us to create quicker and more accurate designs whist avoiding mistakes in the process. BIM CLOUD provides access to the project from abroad, which matters to Lithuanian architects collaborating with specialists in other countries or even other continents. BIM Server operates within the company’s limits, and enables our architects—all of them if necessary—to work on one project simultaneously.

The rapid advancement of technologies in the construction and design sectors introduces new opportunities. New technologies make the job easier for architects, and allow customers to visualise the fruits of their labour. Mock-ups and static visuals (renders) are old news – they’re part of every project. 3D models have become a fairly common sight.

Virtual reality technologies let us present project solutions to the customer, making the decisions-making process more grounded and faster and helping to avoid miscommunication and mistakes.

Virtualios realybės sprendiniai PST projektai
  • Matters of construction, modernisations, and renovation;
  • Poor quality projects;
  • Modifying an existing project;
  • Forming land plots or preparing detailed plans;
  • Material quantities and solutions.
Konsultacijos architektūros ir interjero dizaino klausimais PST projektai
We focus on aesthetics, quality, and affordability.

Let’s talk about cooperation!

20 years of unparalleled experience and the use of advanced design software and international construction standards makes us the market leaders in construction. We offer flexible and collaborative partnership.
We aim for perfection in everything we do.
We believe in the power of relationships as tools to overcome any difficulties.
Innovative technologies are our daily life.
We are passionate and excited about solving issues too challenging for everyone else.
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