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Integrated BIM design

We were one of the first companies in Lithuania to start designing digital building models. BIM technologies are an integral part of our everyday work standards, so we offer our customers projects that have been designed using innovative technologies. Carefully managed by our team of professionals, the design process is more economical, more effective, and better quality.

We provide every opportunity for our customers to utilise our BIM designs, and we act as coordinators/managers during the project implementation stage. It is possible to evaluate how the building would look and function in real life as early as the initial stage of the design process.  This modelling and design method allows customers to be more actively involved in the design process, receive periodical updates, and track and control the progress of the project’s implementation.

  • Better communication
  • Smoother group workflow in the same model
  • Detailed, high-quality projects
  • Fewer opportunities to make mistakes
  • Better coordination of work
  • Better distribution of tasks
  • Exact resource requirements
  • Energy efficiency analysis
  • Inclusion of building maintenance technologies

BIM makes the design process quicker and cheaper. Smart 3D elements used in creating a BIM project already contain all the necessary information. The data is collected into databases, making it easy to calculate the number of elements and their parameters, assess potential collisions between project parts, and create cross-sections and visuals for the entire building or individual elements.

Design work using advanced software (EliteCAD, DDS-CAD, Tekla, Dlubal, and others) creates a cohesive BIM model that enables multiple designers (architects, constructors, engineers) to work in parallel without worrying about delayed approval.

integruotas bim procesas - PST projektai
  • Matters of construction, modernisations, and renovation;
  • Poor quality projects;
  • Modifying an existing project;
  • Structural components;
  • Material quantities and solutions;
  • Forming land plots or preparing detailed plans;
  • Energy efficiency certification.
Konstultacijos statybos, renovacijos, rekonstrukcijos klausimais - PST projektai
BIM technologies:
what opportunities do they provide?

Let’s talk about cooperation!

20 years of unparalleled experience and the use of advanced design software and international construction standards makes us the market leaders in construction. We offer flexible and collaborative partnership.
We aim for perfection in everything we do.
We believe in the power of relationships as tools to overcome any difficulties.
Innovative technologies are our daily life.
We are passionate and excited about solving issues too challenging for everyone else.
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