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Integrated design

We believe that a high-quality design project is created through close cooperation between the customer, project manager, designers, suppliers, and construction managers. Careful analysis of project solutions in the early stages of design can help us determine the most economical options. Our aim is to deliver integrated, safe, and reliable project solutions using our long years of experience, experts in their fields, and advanced software.

In preparation of the structural work, our engineers and constructors will perform the following tasks for you:

  • Calculate the structural load of the building
  • Suggest the best technical solutions
  • Select materials and provide estimates
  • Prepare production drawings and detailed structural, technical, and work projects

The PST Projektai structural design team always strives to design rational and effective structural schemes. We also implement complicated and ambitious architectural ideas.

We perform calculations for all types of structural schemes and separate structural elements, utilising European Union-approved standards.

Ever-increasing energy efficiency requirements for buildings, the wide application of renewable energy resources, and modern building management systems enable us to ensure an optimal level of comfort in offices or residences through the use of advanced engineering solutions.

Qualified, certified, and experienced designers in our company use the most advanced design software to create project models in 3D. The experience and knowledge gained through years of work in the design field allows us to offer our customers the top-level design and consulting services needed to implement complicated and significant projects.

integruotas bim procesas - PST projektai

We remain engaged through all the stages of project implementation, starting with the initial ideas and concepts and ending with the commissioning of the building for use.

We carry out the appropriate supervision during the construction of complicated and unique buildings, provide technical consultations, and quickly and efficiently solve any issues that arise.

Architects model for the building design and construction PST projektai
  • Matters of construction, modernisations, and renovation;
  • Poor quality projects;
  • Modifying an existing project;
  • Structural components;
  • Material quantities and solutions;
  • Forming land plots or preparing detailed plans;
  • Energy efficiency certification.
Konstultacijos statybos, renovacijos, rekonstrukcijos klausimais - PST projektai
Rational and effective structural design

Let’s talk about cooperation!

20 years of unparalleled experience and the use of advanced design software and international construction standards makes us the market leaders in construction. We offer flexible and collaborative partnership.
We aim for perfection in everything we do
We believe in the power of relationships as tools to overcome any difficulties
Innovative technologies are our daily life
We are passionate and excited about solving issues too challenging for everyone else
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