Project description

The total floor area of the complex was decreased from 35,000 to just over 30,000 square metres by changing the design of the top four floors from apartments to luxury suites with outdoor terraces on the top floor only. Underneath this, offices will take up the lower floors, and the underground parking will provide nearly 300 spaces. The entire building should be completed in 2022.

Technological challenges

The first challenges arose at the very start of the project. Two underground floors built 10 years ago had to be checked for structural integrity, bearing capacity, and compatibility with the newly designed building above.

Merkurijaus pastato integruotas BIM projektavimas - PST projektai


UAB „Baltic RED“


Project area

30 000 m²


Construction cost

20 mln.



Tekla Structures, GstarCAD, SOFiSTiK

BIM technologies: what opportunities do they provide?