Egidijus Urbonas

Atsižvelgdami į mokslo infrastruktūrai keliamus reikalavimus ir VGTU poreikius, naudosime modernias, aplinką tausojančias medžiagas bei įrengsime energiją taupančias inžinerines sistemas. Lietuvos rinkoje esame į šiuolaikiškus statybos metodus ir statybos procesų optimalumą orientuotas rangovas, todėl galimybę įgyvendinti tokius projektus vertiname kaip aukštą mūsų gebėjimų įvertinimą.”

Arūnas Keraminas

“The National Audit Office lacked staff relaxation zones and meeting rooms, and there was a need for a representative conference room. Architektūros Linija dealt will all these tasks and created a stylish and modern interior, to the joy of our customers. Any questions during the work process were resolved quickly and professionally.“

Inesa Tautkevičiūtė

“Architektūros Linija successfully created the desired spaces in the Pilgrim centre. The architects took our needs into account and quickly designed a minimalistic, sensible interior that is pleasant for us to work and receive visitors in. The architects were actively involved in the design implementation process and consulted us at every step.”

Kęstutis Vanagas

„Gintaras Čaikauskas uses modern solutions and materials in his design projects. His concepts and projects match the current trends in architecture and the high standards demanded by customers. The architect has demonstrated his professionalism, efficiency, and high-quality standards of work time and time again.“

Vytenis Razgūnas

Using BIM to prepare the technical project of the UAB Elmoris manufacturing facility helped discern optimal design solutions. The technological aspect is crucial for the manufacturing facility, so modelling it in a BIM environment made it easier to integrate it with other parts of the project.

Vidas Šlivinskas

The construction of a massive and complicated building had to be planned in a way that enabled its components to be designed, produced, and delivered in a timely manner, and then installed correctly. The required level of planning was achieved using the BIM model. 70 elements and 30 HGVs daily, 8 tower cranes, a total of 5,000 elements, and a tight building schedule in the BIM model – that is 4D BIM indeed!

Vytenis Razgūnas

One of the main objectives of the new PST office building was to ensure the maximum utilisation of BIM technologies in the technical project preparation stage. Another aim was to facilitate the continuous use of BIM technologies during the work project preparations stage, construction, and the building operation and maintenance phase. Technical project designers were chosen based on their experience with BIM technologies and the ability to create high-quality BIM content.

Ernestas Beržanskis

“It’s the first project in Lithuania where all of the segments were designed in the BIM environment and used during the construction process. The manufacturers of structural parts worked on the same model simultaneously, which assisted in the confirmation of all the linkages and parts, and accelerated the production and delivery process.”