Urbanistic-architectural idea

The main urbanistic idea is inspired by the local context that is dominated by a striking example of modernist architecture – the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Using metaphors from the fields of theatre and music, we propose to design a background building on the plot. Both the entirety of the urban context (the ‘choir’) and the background building would act as a supporting vocalist for the principal performer of this ‘choir’ – the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The object under design maintains the perimeter of Naujamiestis‘ development characteristic. In addition to that, a pedestrian passageway is designed so that it would connect two significant places of the city: 1) the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre and 2) Gediminas Avenue. The aim is to implement the idea of openness of the New Town quarters, exhibition of historical objects inside the quarter and use of the inner spaces of the quarter for activities in such a way.

The key architectural idea is inspired by the existing urban context – the building of the National Opera and Ballet Theatre, its architectural details as well as its finishing materials. The object we are designing will have these elements reproduced in a unique way, thus creating the mood of the theatre entrances and a dialogue between these two buildings.



Donaldas Trainauskas


Jonė Šarkinaitė


Andrius Ciparis


Rūta Dautartaitė


Gene Petruškevičienė

We focus on aesthetics, quality, and affordability.