Urbanistic-architectural idea

Since ancient times, people have chosen to live near water bodies for the reason – water is life, it is vital to support the functions of living organisms and plants. In the process of worldwide urbanization, development of water supply and sewage systems, we are increasingly moving away from the nature and water at the same time. This dictates that as the rhythm of life intensifies, we more often choose being near natural or artificial water bodies for our leisure, both outdoors and indoors.

In this design, the solid volume of the rectangular building symbolizes the shape and volume of the pool water, exposed openly without any structural solutions. An open representation of the water volume of the pool with all the lanes in it is chosen as the main architectural line. To enhance the impression, the transparent blue stylistics of glass facades and marking elements of the pool lanes are integrated.



Donaldas Trainauskas


Jonė Šarkinaitė


Andrius Ciparis


Rūta Dautartaitė


Jonas Rimeika

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