Project description

In 2020 the Klaipeda State Seaport Authority called for an open tender for the architectural concept of the radar control system tower at the port.

The Designing Department of PST AB was awarded and signed the contract for the engineering design showing how the structure required for security of port navigation should look like.

Project idea – concept

Smiltyne is alive with vegetation, so the project aims to take a sensitive look at the surrounding environment and create a bionic structure blending harmoniously into the horizon of the pine forest. There are few fragments of the old coastal pine forests left, so the structure seems to fill the void and creates a natural harmony – the design of the tower platforms is made looking at the arrangement of the pine tree tops.

Efforts are made to maintain the vertical balance of the structure by designing the platforms in opposite directions, creating a reproduction of the tree crowns on the façade. Autumn in the forests is inseparable from the cobwebs shining at dawn, therefore from the bird’s eye-view the structures supporting the decks create fragments woven by a spider.

The profiles of the main load-bearing structures get slender as they rise, creating a reproduction of the silhouette of the tree trunk. The containers for the equipment are annexed to the sides of the tower, representing strong roots in loose sand. The structure creates the image of harmony that is constantly growing and reaching out for the sky.

The tower will be built in Smiltyne at the new ferry terminal. Hence when you travel to Smiltyne, you will see it perfectly from many places, as its height will be 30 meters!!!

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